Guide to Sprinklers for Houses.
Home owners - FAQ´s.
How reliable are they?

A home sprinkler is activated by heat, not smoke, so burning toast won´t set it off. Flames have to reach about one metre high before they activate the closest sprinkler head, so candles or lighters won´t set them off either.

Only the sprinkler head closest to the fire goes off, so your house won´t be doused from end to end.

Most unintentional releases of water from a sprinkler come because the head is damaged, not maintained, or used inappropriately - i.e., having things tied to the pendants. Modern home sprinklers negate the last two problems because unlike industrial sprinkler set-ups, the pendants are not hanging below the ceiling.

Because the pipe work is pressure tested on installation (this has to be done to comply with the New Zealand Standard) any leaks are picked up and fixed before you move in.

In fact, US research over a 10-year period shows that even if there is an accident, there is likely to be less damage done than there would if another piece of the plumbing, such as a tap or toilet cistern, started releasing water in an uncontrolled fashion.

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With sprinklers.
Of having a total-loss fire in a 50-year period: 1 in 50

Of the average NZ home having a fire this year: 1 in 330

Of winning Big Wednesday: 1 in 16 million

Of a sprinkler head activating because of a manufacturing fault: 1 in 16 million

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