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Home owners - FAQ´s.
Won´t the water damage be worse than the fire?

Absolutely not. Any water damage that does occur will be far less than the cost of a fire allowed to burn for the same period of time.

Water damage is likely to be contained to one room as only one head is activated in 90 percent of fires.

Room on fire.

Research from the US suggests damage from a house fire left for firefighters to putout is eight times greater than from a fire stopped in its tracks by sprinklers.

The Fire Service aims to respond to a fire in any urban area in New Zealand inside seven minutes. However, in those seven minutes a fire can be four times bigger than it was when firefighters were called out.

That also doesn´t take into account that firefighters working to extinguish a fire will pour thousands of litres of water onto your house anyway.

Watch our sprinkler demonstration to see this put to the test.

With sprinklers.
Home sprinklers use 60 litres of water per minute. That´s about 600 litres by the time the Fire Services arrives at your home.
Without sprinklers.
Firefighters use anything from 5000 to 100,000 litres of water to control a house fire.

Check out the home sprinkler desmonstration.

Visit for further information on the New Zealand Fire Service