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What do I do if the mains water pressure is insufficient?

There are two solutions: increase the diameter of the water meter or increase the diameter of the pipes.

  • Normally, 25mm pipes or meters will be sufficient to allow two heads plus normal domestic usage at correct pressure.

  • The increase in costs for a wider diameter meter is about $150.

Do I need to install limiting valves?

Yes. However, the sprinklers can be designed so only one extra limiting valve is used, but no fittings other than the sprinklers use extra water.

What do I need to know about installing sprinklers away from reticulated water supply?

There are only a couple of additional things to be aware of when installing sprinklers in a rural home: the pump or tank pressure may need increasing, and you may need to increase the pipe diameter to overcome friction loss in long runs or significant elevations.

  • A higher specification pump can add to the cost of sprinklers - especially in an existing home.

What if I want to design the sprinkler system myself?

If you´re qualified to do so, go for it. Otherwise you will need to complete the BRANZ or equivalent course.

  • These courses are reasonably straight forward and cost about $900.
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