Guide to Sprinklers for Houses.
Get sprinklers now. What now.
Builder installin sprinkler.

Firemen at work.

Brick house.

What now? Get Sprinklers!

Seen enough to want to look at having sprinklers installed in your home? Best course of action now is to talk to your architect or builder about putting 24/7 fire protection into your new or renovated home.

  • Just click the tab below to find a sprinkler designer and plumber in your area

  • Have the home sprinkler design added to your building plans

  • Submit the plans as part of the building consent process

  • Engage a plumber to do the install work

  • Relax. Your home is now protected by the most cost effective fire safety system available.

    Find a designer / plumber in your area.
Visit for further information on the New Zealand Fire Service